• Brad Clinard

Welcome to High Point Financial Design!

Hello and welcome to High Point Financial Design.

We are excited to share a story that is special to us and our vision for the future of our business.

Reflections on the Decade of 2010’s

Nearly a decade ago, at the start of 2010, I joined my Dad’s investment practice. When Dad initially talked with me about joining his practice, I hesitated. I had many memories from childhood around Dad’s work. I remember falling asleep hearing Louis Rukeyser on Wall Street week; buying my first stock, KKD, because I loved their donuts; and traveling across the state so he could visit with clients. Until I got older, I thought visiting retirement communities was a normal family activity. Although I could see Dad’s excitement in his relationships with his clients, I didn’t know if my great calling in life was to manage investments.

With great wisdom and foresight, he encouraged me to give it a try for a year and see how I liked it after some experience. His concept was to view it like another year of grad school - at worst, a great learning experience; at best, a career opportunity in financial services.

Like all the best things in life, I never could have connected the dots at the time; but in hindsight, it’s been an amazing journey of transformation. Life is so much more than money, but so much of life has to do with money. Money is deeply personal, individualized, and can be emotional. The experience of working with nearly 200 families has shifted my personal beliefs, understanding, and insight about the meaning and purpose of money.

As I reflect on the last decade, I am filled with gratitude that Dad had the vision to bring me into his practice. What started as a job, shifted to become a career, then we became business owners, and I have embraced this as the calling I know I was born to pursue. The shift from hesitation and an investment focus to enthusiasm has been driven by the one motivating realization: our practice is a platform from which we can have a meaningful impact on the lives of people we care about deeply, as we empower them to pursue abundant lives.

Wow, that is a great calling!

As we are soon to step into a new decade, our dedication to continual improvement led us to ask: what is possible for our practice as we use intentional planning to create more impact as clients pursue their vision of an abundant life?

With this question in mind, Financial Design was created.

Developing Financial Design

My mom likes to say that since early childhood, I have always been an independent thinker, driven by audacious goals, and trying to save the world. It didn’t take long for me to realize the traditional “wealth management” industry was in desperate need of innovation and was not equipped to struggle with the deeper challenges of life. In hindsight, it’s easy to see the dominos falling, aligning skills from my unique background, having studies in both economics and psychology. And thus, we have developed the concept of Financial Design as a platform combining a creative vision to create an impact through intentional life planning, while simultaneously remaining practical and disciplined to a foundation of financial planning.

As we approach the start of a new decade, introducing Financial Design could not be better timed. We believe technology will change our lives and how we interact with the world at an ever-increasing pace—that the next 20 years will bring greater change than the past 20 years. Yet, recent technological change has been linked to greater signs of anxiety, depression and suicide. What skills do we need to be prepared for the changes we anticipate and those we cannot anticipate? Adaptability and Emotional Stability.

Our commitment is be a thought leader, to encourage and inspire others to grow as people and embrace the pursuit of abundant lives.

Welcome to High Point Financial Design

As we researched, analyzed, dreamed and began planning our direction for the coming years, we knew the time was right for a company name that represents something larger than just our family… a name that reflects who we are and maintains the trust clients hold in our family… a name that provides us a larger platform for impact as we help prepare others for the changes the world will see in the years to come.

High Point Financial Design will align us with this future vision. High Point Financial Design connects three key stories: Our Heritage – Clarity for the Future—Vision of Design.

1. High Point as our Heritage and our Home.

Our city is actively developing another chapter in our history of exciting transformations. From originally being founded as the “high point” on the southern railroad, the city has been known for manufacturing, furniture, textiles, buses and, yes, even yachts. High Point became known as the Home Furnishings Capital bringing in visitors from around the world twice a year. Our city is now being recognized for High Point University’s extraordinary campus, a logistical hub, and a leading global center for designers. Our family roots are firmly planted here. We are proud of the transformation in our city, and we want to be a part of that trend as we help others design amazing lives from a foundation of financial well-being.

2. High Point as a vantage point providing clarity on life’s journeys.

One of the awe-inspiring moments on a long-distance hike is reaching the top of the peak at a high point of the trail. It is a satisfying moment when nature, personal effort, and determination meet. High points allow you to see far into the distance. This can provide a moment of clarity about both where you have come from and what lies ahead. After a long climb, this clarity can provide the inspiration you need to continue your hike with confidence. We want to be grounded and fully present thought leaders, as we encourage others to pursue their greatest potential in life.

3. High Point as a Global Design Center creating visions of what is possible.

Twice a year, High Point nearly doubles in population as designers from around the world come to explore the latest trends in furniture and home goods. Growing up in High Point, I could see that great design has the power to change the world and impact lives. We want to lead with a big vision, driven by our passion to be encouragers and empower others. We want High Point Financial Design to be a platform through which you can design and pursue your vision of an abundant life.

*Please note the change to our firm name does not have any impact on your account(s) and does not require any action on your part.