• Brad Clinard

Investing in Your Strengths

By now you know that I like to combine ancient wisdom, modern science, and practical tools in ways that empower me to be in more profound service to others. Last week, I received positive feedback after sharing my "Compass of Virtue." If you missed the video, click here. As we collectively prepare for another month of social distancing, I want to share a free exercise that will aid you in exploring your own character strengths. This tool helps to improve your self-awareness, which in turn helps you unlock more of your innate potential. It helped me tremendously to understand my strengths. As we have encouraged, make sure you use this time at home well. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time with yourself, you may as well learn as much as you can.

Use the links below to explore the study on virtues carried out by the VIA Institute on Character:

Click here to take the free VIA Character Strengths Survey

Click here to learn more about the VIA Strengths Survey and your results

Let us know if you capture your signature strengths, as we all look for ways to better ourselves, embrace an abundance mindset, and find ways to help others through moments of challenge.